So how is BA International more than just a yellow repair bag?

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  Posted by: Dental Design      11th July 2016

BA International offers steel and ceramic bearing replacements and cartridge replacements for all makes and models of handpieces.

In addition to this, we can offer world leading high-quality BA parts as well as OEM spares. With every single one of our repairs, they include a full strip clean and service to ensure that your handpiece returns to you as new. During the service process they carry out very specific tests in our world leading repair facility. They also carry out a chuck retention test, speed test, concentricity test, water system check, chip air check and air exhaust check to ensure that every handpieces is in full working order.

“The Yellow Bag”. You can use the free industry recognised pre-paid repair bag to send in your handpieces and BA will return them in protective reusable and autoclavable BA Steriboxes to ensure your handpiece arrives safe and sound. If you have small equipment that you need repairing, BA create custom made insured boxes using foam moulding technology to protect your equipment during transit to ensure your small equipment arrives safely. Once you receive your items back safely, you can keep the custom box for the future, thus saving you further possible costs.

When your items arrive at BA International, after a concise initial examination of your handpieces and equipment, they will offer you a free quotation on all of your repairs. This will allow you to make any informed decisions on whether it would be beneficial to repair your existing handpieces or to invest in new state of the art BA handpieces.

BA can offer free preventative maintenance advice upon request to help reduce your handpiece repair overheads and maximise your chair time utilisation. BA has found that advising dental staff over the phone on preventative maintenance has dramatically reduced their customer’s overheads and repair expenses.

BA International has an extensive range of handpiece spare parts and can offer a same day turn around on most handpiece repairs (where applicable). It is proud to say that they stock the largest amount of spare parts in the UK, more than any other provider and are therefore more likely to offer you a same day turn around.

BA International can offer advice on servicing, maintenance, regulations and recommended uses for handpieces and dental equipment. Working with leading manufacturers, BA also offer guidance on reprocessing and adhering to the HTM01-05 guidelines in the most cost effective and time efficient ways.

BA offers after-sales services on repairs and purchases as well as consumables. If you have any requirements from a handpiece or piece of small equipment, the experienced staff can advise the best product for your clinical needs.

No other company can provide you with the full service and peace of mind that BA offers. As a manufacturer and repair centre, BA International is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 accredited. Its ISO 9001 certificate ensures that the company has quality management systems in place, to ensure exacting industry standards and to continually develop and improve their services. In addition to this, they are also ISO 13485 certified as a manufacturer of dental handpieces.

As you can see, BA International is far more than just a yellow bag. They can offer all this at the best price in the industry. If you can find a better price, BA International will beat it, guaranteed.

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