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  Posted by: manpreet.boora      27th September 2017

The Ultimate Implant Year Course is designed to help clinicians develop both the knowledge and practical experience they need to place implants safely and effectively. The blended learning structure combines the convenience of online theory modules with hands-on training days to ensure delegates get everything they need to develop competence and confidence with dental implants.

Dr. Cole McConnell from Smile on the Square Dental Care in Glasgow is one of many professionals making the most of what the course has to offer. He shares his experience so far:
“For a long time I had been looking for a course that offered the most hands-on clinical experience – I really feel that this gives the best type of training. I also didn’t want to have to travel to a learning centre for lectures and clinical days. This is what led me to choose, because it conveniently solved both of these issues.
“So far, it has been brilliant. I have been so impressed with the course content and the depth of the lecturers’ knowledge. The clinical days have been amazing. My mentor, Scott, is absolutely top class – very helpful, approachable and up-to-date with current practice. He really put me at ease the first time I placed an implant; we all know how unnerving it can be doing something for the first time. His passion for implant dentistry is truly inspiring – he’s been very encouraging and more than happy to help out with some of my upcoming cases.
“The main benefits of the course format for me are being able to work at my own pace. Not having to take time off work – as I would have had to do for a formal lecture-based course – has been another advantage. Having a training center right here in Glasgow has been great, too. I also really like the fact that I can easily go back to a lecture and re-do it if I missed something, rather than rely on my note-taking skills.

“The hands-on elements of the course have been invaluable to my understanding of implantology. Everything is fully explained prior to any procedures so you know what you are doing, and the patients are all carefully selected.

“I have also been able to access lots of useful information about the products we use from Nobel Biocare through the representative and via the company website and catalogues. This has given me a greater understanding of how to set up my own clinical pathway once I have completed the course. Using products from Nobel Biocare has been beneficial as I have been able to see what the best available materials on the market are. This has shown me what is possible in terms of managing the more difficult cases. Being new to implants, I certainly have more confidence using Nobel Biocare products, because I know that they have been thoroughly tried and tested.

“I cannot recommend the training course highly enough. It has been a delight to undertake and I have learned so much that has influenced my dentistry on a daily basis.”

For more details please visit, e-mail Janine the Learning Community Facilitator on or call 0289 252 8522.

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