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  Posted by: manpreet.boora      27th September 2017

How can you make patients your best endorsers in the community? Here are some ideas, gleaned from feedback from patients that may be well worth your while.
Well Informed: Take concerted steps to promote and market what your practice has to offer. Weigh your options, from traditional advertising in newspapers and magazines, to radio spots, to the burgeoning force of social media. Make sure that your website is up to date and that your social media accounts are listed.
Be strategic in your use of different social media. Instagram, for instance, is suited for placing images of new arrivals at the clinic, from up-to-date equipment to treatment updates, while Twitter can be great for sharing the latest developments in the dental sphere with your peers. Facebook can be your community notebook for announcing the newest “additions” to the practice, from the most sophisticated equipment to team comings and goings.
Well Received: Everyone wants to be treated well, and it must start with the prospective patients’ very first inquiry to the practice, when they should be handled with courtesy and respect. The initial inquiry should be the precursor to the civil, professional and friendly greeting they receive when they take their first steps into the practice. If they receive short shrift at reception, it will leave a lasting bad impression that no amount of excellent treatment will be able to erase.
Well Kept: The state of the practice is a reflection of its organisation and the conscientiousness of its principals and staff. There is no excuse for overflowing bins, a lack of comfortable or sufficient seating, out-dated publications or a dirty toilet.
Well Meaning: Attention to all of the preceding concerns must continue once the patients are in the dental treatment room with you. Patients also want to be heard. They want to be informed about their treatment and why it is being done, the pain involved, the benefits and drawbacks of undertaking it and the full range of options available to them. It is your responsibility to explain the procedures, and address any queries to the patient’s satisfaction.
Well Paid: It goes without saying that costs and payment are important to patients. Information about the costs of treatment should be easily available, posted on practice walls or in brochures or leaflets. Patients must also be informed of the insurance accepted at the practice and any options open to them. You can also explore plans that are a win-win solution for you and your patients. Among them, the Munroe Sutton Healthy Discounts programme, which brings affordable, discounted dental care within reach of the public and benefits its member practices.
Well Done: Patients can be our best partners or our worst critics in word-of-mouth promotions, which can either boost your sales and attendance or put a dent in even the most polished PR campaigns. Make sure to take care of your patients’ needs, and you will have an invaluable ally by your side.
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Jeremy Hedrick is Vice President of Network Development and has been an integral part of the Careington and Munroe Sutton teams for over 14 years. As Vice President, Jeremy is responsible for the strategic leadership of network development for both Careington and Munroe Sutton, overseeing business development, licensing and regulation, recruiting, credentialing and quality assurance. Jeremy’s primary focus is on the continued growth and expansion of the Careington and Munroe Sutton dental networks, which are currently among some of the largest dental networks in the US and the UK. In addition to his current role, Jeremy has served in various senior leadership roles throughout Careington and Munroe Sutton including customer support, compliance, claims as well as operations of Careington’s affiliate TPA, Careington Benefit Solutions.

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