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  Posted by: manpreet.boora      27th September 2017

Marketing your dental practice is increasingly important in modern UK dentistry and if you underestimate how much it could affect your success, you will undoubtedly lose out. As such, here are some marketing tips to get you started on the path to success:

What are you?
It’s incredibly important to decide what your practice is and what you are going to offer your patients. This way you can build a clear brand and target a specific audience.

Change your perspective
Patients want to know they are getting the best possible treatment – and they increasingly want to be offered a little extra on the side. This necessitates a change in the way you perceive both yourself and the treatments you offer. If you are offering cosmetic treatments, such as tooth whitening, your patients will expect a different experience to what they would receive for a routine dental check-up. This means that you need to change the way you approach such treatments, especially in the way you discuss them with patients and the way you promote them to your audience. If we continue using tooth whitening as an example, you might choose to offer patients a regular shade-monitoring service (and make this service one of your practice’s USPs) as a different way to inform patients about whitening and its benefits. By simply changing your approach and giving patients a little extra, you will be able to distinguish yourself from the practice down the road.

Spread the word
The very essence of effective marketing is letting the wider audience know what you’re all about and, once you’ve worked out what you are and what you can offer patients, you’ll need to shout it from the rooftops. You can do this in a number of ways, including posting on social media – Instagram is particularly effective, especially if you want to show potential patients how great you can make their smiles look – writing an interesting blog or sending out a newsletter with updates and offers. Maintaining contact with your patients and the wider community is a great way of keeping your practice in the limelight, and the more you do, the better the results.

Share the love
Referrals and patient feedback are a great way of showing prospective patients how great your practice is. Always ensure that you ask for feedback and then, if it’s good, put it on your social media, your website, and your newsletters. If you want to be more dynamic, ask patients if they wouldn’t mind providing a short video testimonial and upload this to your website too. Or you could ask them to share a picture of themselves in the practice on their Twitter or Instagram.

Find enlightenment
Not only does Enlighten provide the UK’s only system that can guarantee whitening to shade B1, it also runs a Regional Centres of Excellence scheme that gives dental practices the opportunity to become the whitening expert in their local area. With exclusive training and dedicated marketing support that covers a wide range of different markets and mediums, the Enlighten Regional Centres of Excellence programme provides the tools to help practices become the first port of call for whitening services for patients.

For more information, visit, email at or call the team on 0207 424 3270

Payman Langroudi – author bio

Dr Payman Langroudi has designed several teeth whitening systems being used by dentists all over the world, including Enlighten – the only teeth whitening system that can guarantee results.

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