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  Posted by: manpreet.boora      2nd October 2017

We are likely to have heard soothing assurances that we should not judge a book by its cover, however tatty and dog-eared, or that what really counts is inner beauty, not superficial good looks.

Is that really true in the big and all-too-judgmental world that we live in? Unfortunately, those worn albeit worthy books too often end up on the shelf. For we are also told that our faces can be our fortunes – they can launch a whole armada of ships if we happen to be called Helen – and that looking good is the best revenge.

Enough of all those conflicting messages; let’s get down to facts, anecdotal and otherwise.

It turns out that looks are the big draw when it comes to finding partners – inner beauty, we still love you – and while eyes are the window to the soul, teeth are also major attention getters.

A 2014 survey on physical attractiveness found that a great smile was the only quality cited as “very important”[i]; another survey of more than 5,000 singles in the U.S. the same year determined that a date’s smile was among the big three impression makers, along with good grammar and confidence.

Smiles also make captivating first impressions, and leave lasting ones. A 2012 survey by Kelton Research in the U.S. found the majority of people said they would not go on a second date with someone with crooked teeth[ii]. While it is said that shoes are the first thing we notice about a man, teeth are also a way to get a foot in the door, with the same survey noting that people with good teeth were considered more likely to get a job and to be successful.

Attaining a perfect set of pearly whites has also become part of the emerging “body beautiful” culture, heralded by the rise in the number of gyms, beauty salons, plastic surgeons and weight-loss centres – not to mention the selfie.

There is more to possessing a winning smile than the gift of good genes. Like hair and skin, teeth are a strong indicator of someone’s health or oral hygiene. While eccentric singer and confirmed vegetarian Morrissey once declared he could never kiss a meat eater, many of us would choose instead to ignore someone with yellowing or missing molars, and get as far away as we could.

While technological advancements have brought the famed perfect “Hollywood smile” within reach of the public, cost is always an issue. Innovative approaches to private health care, including the Healthy Discounts scheme from Munroe Sutton, are bringing greater accessibility to the types of cosmetic treatments that patients are demanding. Patients can enjoy wonderful offers available, while practices can boost their business through referrals.

There will no longer be the need to gaze in envy at the gorgeous smiles up on the big screen. Everyone can be dressed to the teeth with one themselves.



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