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  Posted by: manpreet.boora      3rd October 2017

During her sale, vendor Belinda Vohra worked with Luke Moore from Dental Elite, who was both “Very helpful and communicative in equal measures,” she says. “The team made a hard process easy – I really can’t thank them enough.”

Having achieved a timely and successful sale, what advice does Belinda have for future sellers?

“My advice would be to make a start on due diligence as soon as possible. Collate what you can, make sure everything is in date and, above all, double check for any discrepancies in your paperwork. Furthermore, whenever you receive a document, scan it and save it straight away so it’s ready to go – trust me, it will save you an unbelievable amount of time and energy when you eventually sell.”

To find out more about Belinda’s experience and Dental Elite’s other success stories visit www.dentalelite.co.uk/category/success-stories/.


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