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  Posted by: manpreet.boora      3rd October 2017

Launched in 2000, the TBR Z1 implant is the result of 15 years’ innovative research and development. Available exclusively from Dental Express (a trading division of Surgery Express LLP), the Z1 implant is the world’s only tissue level implant that combines zirconia and titanium in order to provide better treatment outcomes.

The titanium body of the Z1 implant offers optimum osseointegration and implant stability, whilst the unique zirconia emergence promotes excellent epithelial healing in the soft tissues, which reduced treatment and healing times and affords greater aesthetic outcomes.

The biocompatibility of each of these components is the true secret to the success of the Z1 implant – which is an impressive 98.6 per cent. Perfect for dental practitioners who want to improve the outcomes of their implant treatments, the Z1 implant from TBR is changing modern implantology for the better.

To find out more about TBR implants from Dental Express and the very latest offers, do not hesitate to contact our highly experienced National Sales Manager, Russel Diffenthal at


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