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  Posted by: manpreet.boora      1st November 2017

Dental Express, a trading division of Surgery Express LLP, is the exclusive UK distributor of TBR implant systems.

This includes the revolutionary TBR Z1 implant, which is one of the most advanced implant systems on the market today. As the world’s only tissue-level implant that combines zirconia and titanium in one seamless component, the Z1 combines excellent osseointegrative properties with optimal soft-tissue management to allow for enhanced treatment results.

The one-of-a-kind combination of zirconia and titanium is the reason why the Z1 system can achieve unmatched clinical outcomes, outclassing traditional bone level implants in terms of patient ergonomics and final aesthetics. Thanks to the zirconia emergence of the Z1, the implant is provided with a unique protective shield that protects both the crestal bone and gingiva, reducing the risk of iatrogenic inflammation or infection.


For more information, visit www.dental-express.co.uk, call on 0800 707 6212 or email at sales@dental-express.co.uk 

To learn more about the Z1 implant at: http://z1implants.co.uk/


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