Dental Elite Reveals Mid Year Goodwill Results

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  Posted by: manpreet.boora      1st November 2017

It might have only been six months since the last goodwill report, but the results from Dental Elite are very telling about evolving market changes.

“In our results we’ve noticed that goodwill values have fallen slightly across the South West, North East and in Yorkshire, most likely as a result of continuing issues with recruitment,” says Luke Moore, co-founder of Dental Elite. “Saying that, the average practice sale value excluding freehold has increased by 7.67 percentage points.

“Other than that, it is interesting to see that the value of mixed practices have overtaken NHS practices, while the multiple of adjusted net profit has increased by an average of 0.5x across the board.”

For more information or to view Dental Elite’s full report, contact the team today.


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