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  Posted by: manpreet.boora      1st November 2017

“As a leading implant company, Nobel Biocare has a reputation for sound clinical outcomes and it relies on independent research to validate the effectiveness of its products. I have used Nobel Biocare’s solutions for 20 years, embracing its innovations and forward-thinking research. In addition, the team is second to none.”

Philip Pettemerides, Principal of Edgar Buildings Dental Care in Bath, comments on the creos family of guided bone and tissue regeneration products from Nobel Biocare. This includes the creos xenoprotect collagen membrane and the creos xenogain bone substitute. He continues:

“creos xenoprotect is very easy to use. It does not slump when wet, appears to act as an effective barrier and with its extended period before resorbing, it provides creos xenogain time to integrate without soft tissue ingress. When used with the ‘sausage technique’ – where tacks retain the membrane and consolidate the bone particles – we are seeing excellent results.

“I have also experienced good maintenance of bone contours with creos xenogain, plus it is easy to handle via various delivery methods. The small diameter tube delivery is particularly effective in lateral window sinus lift procedures.

“I would thoroughly recommend both creos xenoprotect and creos xenogain to anyone placing implants in compromised sites.”


For more information, contact Nobel Biocare on 0208 756 3300, or visit www.nobelbiocare.com


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