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  Posted by: manpreet.boora      1st November 2017

“I gained a lot of additional information from the Ten Dental Implant Study Club to share with patients on their suitability for implants,” says Dr Victoria Gill, an associate dentist at Infinity Dental Care in London.

“I am now able to discuss the subject more knowledgably and also inform my patients of the options that are available to them.

“I had heard about the study course from a flyer that came through to the practice, and then I met Nik and Martin. The venues were great – they use just the right amount of space, so you can see and hear everyone who is taking part – and the food was good.

“The speakers were excellent: they always took questions, and made sure to explain things clearly and in the right amount of detail.

“I recommend the Ten Dental Implant Study Club as a good introduction to implants. It’s wonderful to be with colleagues who are in the same situation, because you can relate and discuss issues with them.”


For more details or to reserve a space on a Ten Dental course, please contact Andrea at or 020 86727766.

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