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  Posted by: manpreet.boora      1st November 2017

The human hands are amazing instruments of touch, expression and ability. They are probably the most valuable tools in your armamentarium and they should be looked after properly with high quality gloves from the Unigloves Vitality range.

Unigloves understands that you need premium quality and strength for effective protection but as experts in the field, Unigloves also know how to care for your hands properly.

Vitality gloves are available in a variety of sizes for the most suitable and comfortable fit. They feature double-chlorinated beaded cuffs making them easy to put on and remove as well as a micro-roughened texture to ensure optimal grip.

For an added bonus, Unigloves also coat the internal surface of each glove with a soothing Vitamin E (Lano-E) moisturiser to keep your hands flexible and hydrated.

The Vitality range includes:


  • Vitality Nitrile – white, powder-free with Lano-E coating
  • Vitality Latex – white, powder-free with Lano-E coating
  • Vitality Latex scented – green, powder-free with Lano-E coating and scented with a pleasant citrus and peppermint flavour


Your hands are remarkable and for gloves that offer protection and care, contact Unigloves today.

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