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  Posted by: The Probe      2nd November 2017

Even the best relationships, including in business, can fall apart. Paul Edels, a director at Goodman Grant, tells you why it’s always best to prepare for the worst …

In the dental profession, business partnerships are intrinsically personal and almost tantamount to a marriage. Even the most solid partnerships can disintegrate and leave both disgruntled parties wishing to see the back of each other. They fall out, hold different opinions, feel they are being taken advantage of or it might simply be the case that professional familiarity breeds contempt among them. While breaking up itself may not be hard to do, the actual process of extricating yourself from a partnership can be fraught with challenges and the potential for losses to your practice, your well-being and your reputation if you do not address them properly.

When everything is amicable in the partnership, they may feel that there is no need to invest in drawing up a formal agreement that outlines all aspects of their relationship, including the course of action in the event they decide to part ways. In fact, this is the best time to do it, because it is easiest to define terms of agreement when everybody is “in agreement”.

Instead, it is kept as an informal relationship, either with only a verbal agreement or a sketchy written contract that could fit onto the back of a cigarette packet. Commercial drafting of agreements to formalise relationships will stand you in good stead. It is much preferred to waiting until the relationship is already in tatters, when it is far too late. Undoubtedly, the legal bill for fighting out rights and obligations in the absence of a clear written agreement, will be many times higher than the cost of the agreement in the first place.

The most effective option to address a conflict is to get in touch with experienced and trusted commercial dispute solicitors as soon as possible. At Goodman Grant, we are experts in the dental industry and offer a tailored litigation service covering all of your business and regulatory needs. We can advise you on your best options and most effective means of resolving the dispute. We make sure you do not compromise your position from the outset with imprudent or potentially compromising actions.

When the dispute is still at an early stage, there remains the possibility it can be resolved by emails and letters, which would be preferable to taking it to court. People think that a claim can be done and dusted quickly in the courts, but the litigation process can take years, and always poses a significant financial risk. Can you really see any benefits to be gained from battling it out in court for two years of your life, with the accompanying stress and costs?

When you need help resolving a dispute with a partner, Goodman Grant will help you settle it once and for all.

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