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  Posted by: Dental Design      2nd November 2017

Carestream Dental is committed to working together to deliver user-friendly, efficient, quality dental business and clinical solutions, enabling your practice to focus on patient care.

As a turnkey provider of everything digital dentistry, Carestream Dental is somewhat unique in that it manufacturers and supplies both practice management software and digital imaging solutions. It is also unique in its approach to dental practices – we make it our business to understand your practice and how you run it, but we are not here to tell you what to do next. Instead, we aim to provide easy-to-use, efficient and high quality digital tools that will enable you to make your own business decisions and run your practice how you see fit.

Ease and simplicity
CS R4+ practice management software is very personal to those of us who have worked with Carestream Dental for a long time – we’ve nurtured it and watched it grow from a software solution for single practices to one that caters for businesses with hundreds of dental surgeries.

The current Springboard feature of CS R4+ uses key performance indicators (KPIs) to help track business performance and offers value information needed for informed decisions – giving all the power back to the dentist and their team. I think the reporting element is probably the most under-used aspect of CS R4+ at present, but it offers significant advantages. Plus, there are no additional costs for any of this – it’s all free for CS R4+ users.

There is a section focused on ‘recare’ within Springboard. We understand how important patient retention is so this feature allows you to recall patients by text message, email or post – whichever the patient prefers – with ease. The KPI functionality means you can assess which method is most successful for your patient demographic. The embedded communication system also enables you to show patients 3D presentations and animations of proposed treatment plans to improve their understanding, ensure informed consent and boost case acceptance for ethical upselling. The graphical-rich reports that clearly map the mouth can be emailed to patients or printed for them to take home. Additional features such as online appointment booking, Google ranking are available as well.

We work very closely with experts in the dental arena, including Practice Plan and Denplan, in order to develop solutions that can be tailored to the individual needs of different practices. This is only possible due to the open technical architecture of our software and imaging systems. We have done a lot with Denplan, in particular, of late, having created a tight integration with their DEPPA (Denplan Previsor Patient Assessment) through our CS R4+.

It all comes back to giving practices the tools they need to streamline workflows and work in the way they want to. For example, CS R4+ allows you to synchronise patients with the Denplan database, meaning you would know instantly if there is a problem with payment etc. for any patient. Most of the clinical information recorded in CS R4+ is also automatically pre-populated in the patient’s Denplan folder, for significant time-saving benefits.

As scrutiny of all healthcare providers increases, there is a real spotlight on IT security at the moment. The government is changing the rules on storage of personal information, and information is currently unclear around healthcare and record retention, we would expect this to change in the future. Carestream Dental itself is proud to have achieved the Cyber Essentials Certificate, confirming that it does everything in its power to protect its data from possible cyber attack.

We are just as committed to helping practices maintain their security. Our eSignature pads are biometric – they’re encrypted, which means any tampering would invalidate the document for ultimate peace of mind. Dental practices are an easy target if not properly prepared – simple things like biometric signature pads, adequate virus protection and carefully managed access controls will go a long way. We are happy to provide advice on any of these aspects if you need any support.

Make the most of it
Carestream Dental is proud of its mentality to continuously improve. We are always looking to develop solutions that make your processes quicker, safer and more effective, ultimately enabling you to better run your business, in your own way. To do this, we are keen to hear from you to see what you think are the upcoming challenges in dentistry. Our online portal – The Exchange – is a convenient online platform for you to share questions and ideas about CS R4+ with both our support team and your peers, ultimately helping you get the very most from your software (please visit We also welcome feedback at the various dental shows we attend and, of course, we are just a phone call away for any queries regarding the digital dental practice.

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