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  Posted by: Dental Design      2nd November 2017

Providing Dental Update subscribers and 3M Oral Care customers with first-class education, this year’s Dental Update Study Day, sponsored by 3M Oral Care, proved a hit. The programme focused on restorative dentistry and the latest research supporting various materials on the market, ensuring delegates were brought up-to-date in the field.

First to take to the podium was Dr Paulo Monteiro. His session, entitled “When and how to simplify daily adhesive dentistry”, gave delegates a meaningful insight into the various restorative materials available on today’s market. He emphasised the importance of creating restorations that mimic the optical and mechanical properties seen in natural teeth, and showed how this can be achieved with simple and reliable techniques. Supporting his thoughts with some of the latest scientific literature, Dr Monteiro clearly demonstrated the indications and contraindications of various materials in different clinical situations.

Expanding on the point of evidence-based dentistry, Professor Trevor Burke kept the audience captivated with his lecture on “Contemporary everyday dentistry”. He explored the different levels of evidence available for products, materials and techniques, describing the hierarchy of evidence. Punctuated by amusing videos and anecdotes that Professor Burke’s lectures are by now well known for, the session shared studies that demonstrated the longevity of various restorations, with the take home message being to keep natural teeth and avoid posts and crowns for as long as possible. Where restoration is necessitated, Professor Burke was happy to suggest his own preferred products, which included the Lava range of materials from 3M Oral Care. The lecture was brought to an end by highlighting what might be considered high-risk dentistry and reiterating the benefits of a minimally invasive approach for safer treatment, happier long-tem patients and reduced litigation.

After a spot of lunch and a browse of the extensive BDIA Showcase trade exhibition, delegates returned to the theatre to hear from Dr Sanjay Sethi. Dr Sethi focused on one particular material in his session entitled “A retrospective clinical review on Lava Zirconia restorations over the last decade”. Highlighting the benefits of zirconia particularly – including its high strength, biological compatibility, optical properties, variety of prosthetic solutions, accuracy of fit and minimal prep – he made clear how far the material has come since its inception in 1989. Dr Sethi went on to discuss the factors affecting the effectiveness of zirconia, urging delegates to consider how restorations can be managed or even replaced if necessary in the future – it’s not just about how good they look just after they are placed in the mouth.

For Dental Update subscribers and 3M Oral Care customers, the Study Day brought the science behind restorative products to the fore and hopefully provided all with new ideas and fresh inspiration. Thank you to the speakers and all those involved in putting such a great educational day together.

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