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  Posted by: Dental Design      6th November 2017

Today, in our image-conscious, selfie-snapping world, almost everybody is a good candidate for a brighter smile. The public follows the trend-setters of entertainment and public figures they see in the media, and their whitened teeth have become something to emulate.

A survey of 2,000 adults in Britain found that those with whiter teeth were considered as looking younger by up to five years, more attractive and more successful than others.

Even though the General Dental Council (GDC) defines tooth whitening as a dental procedure that can only be performed by registered dental professionals, it has not stopped the much cheaper illegal service being offered across the country. The 1984 Dentists Act stipulates that only dental professionals are deemed competent to examine and determine the suitability of a patient for whitening procedures – and determine the best treatment if something does go awry.

With the increasing demand for tooth whitening today, it is imperative that the highest quality services are offered to prospective patients. It is here that the dental community can educate members of the public that it is truly a case of getting what they pay for when it comes to tooth whitening, and that a cheap treatment at a local salon could cost them much higher down the line.

In comparison, they must be informed that in a dental practice they will always be treated by caring and qualified professionals who completely understand the procedures and any possible risks. Dental professionals must be willing to meet those requirements through keeping abreast of the latest developments in the field and expanding their knowledge. For example, under the new requirements for Continuing Professional Development, there will be a personal development plan for each practice employee, which is set to go into effect in January 2018 for dentists and seven months later for dental care professionals. Gaining a greater understanding of teeth whitening technique could be part of the new CPD plan for some employees.

Offering a helping hand in achieving these goals is Enlighten, which provides the UK’s only system that can guarantee whitening to shade B1. It also runs a Regional Centres of Excellence scheme that gives dental practices the opportunity to become the whitening expert in their local area. With exclusive training and dedicated marketing support that covers a wide range of different markets and mediums, the Enlighten Regional Centres of Excellence programme provides the tools to help practices become the first choice of whitening services for patients.

Tooth whitening is here to stay, and dental professionals must do their utmost to serve their patients’ needs and address their concerns for success.

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