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  Posted by: Dental Design      1st December 2017

The Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust recently utilised the services of RPA Dental for the installation of two Stern Weber S380TRC dental units. Overseeing the project was Caroline Heath, the Trust’s Oral, Maxillofacial and Orthodontics Department Manager.

“We’ve been going to RPA Dental for several years now for servicing, so when the department got the all clear to purchase two brand new chairs I didn’t hesitate in contacting Pete Higson,” she explains.

“Indeed, the level of customer care and advice has always been exceptionally high, and Pete knows exactly what type of equipment we need in order to meet our patients’ needs, so it was a no brainer getting the team in to complete this project.

“As for the chairs, we’ve all been extremely impressed with their performance. From an ergonomic and safety perspective, they’ve been invaluable to the team, as the synchronised backrest and leg rest movements have helped to minimise manual handling during the transfer of patients. This, in turn, has helped to create a much more functional and accessible environment for our patients as well as maximise the available space. Now I just need to secure funding for three more Stern Weber S380TRC chairs!”

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