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  Posted by: Dental Design      4th December 2017

Vatche Kassardjian, Principal of Pond Square Dental Practice in London (, reflects on his previous year’s experience of the NobelActive implants from Nobel Biocare:

“I like these implants because they are very versatile and are available in an excellent range of sizes. I find them quick and very easy to place with the simple and intuitive surgical kit.

“They also achieve excellent primary stability and have provided good clinical outcomes.

“I think it is reassuring to use products that are supported by such extensive clinical research and study as those available from Nobel Biocare.”

NobelActive’s expanding tapered implant body condenses bone gradually while the apex with drilling blades enables a smaller osteotomy. These features facilitate high primary stability in even the most demanding of situations and enable immediate implant placement and immediate function. , , , ,

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