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  Posted by: Dental Design      4th December 2017

Offering an innovative combination of cycle verification and air detection technology to guarantee the sterility of every cycle, it is no wonder that the Little Sister SES 3000B is the most popular vacuum autoclave in the UK, based on the number of UK dentists now using it.

The Little Sister SES 3000B is a 17-litre B Type vacuum autoclave with a 5kg load capacity complete with an integral USB cycle download and user password protected cycle verification. Its robust, safety-conscious design helps not only to save you valuable time and money on vital maintenance, but offers complete peace of mind that you’re meeting the highest standard of infection control.

With the added benefit of Care&Cover Protection, which provides lifetime breakdown warranty, annual validation, PSSR certification and more for total compliance, it’s easy to see why Eschmann’s SES 3000B is leading the way.

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