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  Posted by: Dental Design      4th December 2017

“The creos xenoprotect collagen membrane from Nobel Biocare is my membrane of choice as it has improved handling compared with other membranes and is resorbable to allow ideal bone graft healing.” – Dr Will Carter from Queensway Dental Clinic in Teeside.

A resorbable, non-chemically cross-linked membrane designed for guided bone and tissue regeneration procedures, creos xenoprotect features a network of interwoven, highly purified porcine collagen and elastin fibers, offering high mechanical strength and flexibility.

Providing excellent handling properties, it can be cut and pre-shaped accordingly with less risk of major size increases when moistened. The membrane is also part of the creos family of products from Nobel Biocare, which also includes the creos xenogain bone substitute.

Dr Bastian Wessing, Germany, adds:
“We have better results with creos xenoprotect than with the membranes we have used before. What I like is that the handling is very easy. The mechanical stability is very high and when it is rehydrated it adapts very well to the underlying bone.”
To discover for yourself why creos xenoprotect is the membrane of choice for so many clinicians, try it today!
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