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  Posted by: Dental Design      5th December 2017

Dr Ben Atkins recently received the CALCIVIS imaging system, a new technology that uses a unique photoprotein to bind with the free calcium ions that are indicative of active demineralisation. The resulting bioluminescent (light-emitting) signal will allow the chair side identification of active dental caries at their earliest stages.

Describing it as “innovative”, he believes the CALCIVIS imaging system could be a valuable tool to enable the preventive management of caries and to help educate patients to take responsibility for their oral health in the home.

“It could be a tool to identify behavioural changes in patients, as a method of warning or of encouragement, and provide a visual aid to help patients better understand their own dental hygiene habits, showing them any particular areas that they need to focus on and why,” he says.

Once unimaginable, the eradication of dental decay could be a possibility in the future thanks to cutting-edge technology.

“I think focusing on demineralisation to help identify early caries may be as critical a step as X-rays were 20 years ago, and could be the key to identifying dental decay before cavities form,” Ben says.

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Ben Atkins |Clinical Director | Revive Dental Care

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