HyFlex™ EDM: A Nitinol fist in a velvet glove

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  Posted by: Dental Design      5th December 2017

Dr Reginald O’ Neill, whose award-winning practice is located in Billericay, Essex, has recently adopted a one-file system using the HyFlex™ EDM file from COLTENE.
“We are expecting our treated teeth to last longer these days and the approach of less is more in terms of preparation will help achieve this. The HyFlex™ EDM file is incredibly flexible, producing a smooth preparation without any feeling of bouncing back during use.

“With controlled memory the file follows the canal shape and remains centred to reduce the incidence of the usual risks (and complications) of ledging, transportation and perforation. Used in continuous rotation, debris removal is very impressive and after using the dedicated glide path file it feels like the dentine is literally melting in the canal.
“I’ve also noticed that the HyFlex™ EDM system has helped to improve treatment timing, not to mention that it’s much safer using a file with greater resistance to fracturing. As such, it helps to deliver predictable preparation, even in the most challenging curvatures.

“Between the winning combination of improved security, cutting efficiency and relative simplicity for root canal preparation, HyFlex™ EDM is truly a Nitinol fist in a velvet glove! I would definitely recommend to others.”
The Hyflex™ EDM file system is available from COLTENE. Contact now to find out more.

To find out more visit www.coltene.com, email info.uk@coltene.com or call 01444 235486

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