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  Posted by: Dental Design      6th December 2017

“I’ve used several different tooth whitening systems over the years, and the Enlighten Whitening System is superior for many reasons,” says Dr Kunal Shah from LeoDental in London, which is an Enlighten Regional Centre of Excellence.

“For example, it’s simple to convince patients of its advantages. I have had patients who have done their research on whitening systems and ask why we chose Enlighten Whitening over others. I answer that Enlighten is a system that guarantees results.

“As a dentist, I have a unique sense of confidence in the system because I know it will do what it promises with every patient, whether they want VITA B1, the lightest naturally occurring shade that we can achieve in 98 per cent of patients, or something a bit darker.

“The best endorsement of all comes from patients who are delighted with their tooth whitening and refer other prospective patients to our practice. We are also happy to take dentists’ referrals, for the best tooth whitening in the business.”

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