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  Posted by: The Probe      29th December 2017

“I chose Ten Dental’s mentoring because both Martin and Nik are incredibly talented clinicians who have a big heart, welcoming nature and love to share their knowledge with their fellow colleagues with no strings attached” says Dr. Mohamed Kassam. “The sheer wealth of experience and knowledge in Implant Dentistry that both of them possess coupled with their passion for teaching and support for their colleagues holds no bounds and clearly shines through.

“Throughout the mentoring process I wanted to enhance my knowledge and experience in the art of placing and restoring Dental Implants and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Both Martin and Nik had an open door policy allowing me to observe as well as treat patients under their direct and indirect supervision. Their support, patience and manner were excellent throughout, and enabled me to enhance my knowledge, skills, ability and confidence in this area immensely.

“I would 100% recommend this mentoring scheme to others – Martin and Nik are phenomenal tutors and individuals, and you’d be hard pressed to find better people to learn from.”

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