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  Posted by: Dental Design      29th December 2017

“The HyFlex® EDM NiTi is an easy file to use, but its flexibility really sets it apart from the rest,” says Jack Duthie, who is keenly interested in the development of advanced restorative dentistry at The Oral Health Clinic in Liverpool.

“We have been using COLTENE products for about a year, and the HyFlex® EDM NiTi for a period of about six months. I heard about it from other dentists who were using it, some of whom spoke highly of its qualities.

“I’ve found that it is particularly good for posterior teeth with curved canals, because of the fact that it is flexible and works with you – you have the ability to pre-curve it, and then can straighten it as necessary as you go into the canal.

“With its ease of use and flexibility, I will definitely continue to use it.”

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