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  Posted by: Dental Design      29th December 2017

Reliability and Research

“Filtek One is one of the simplest composites to use and a good all rounder for most situations where a composite is suitable.”

Having worked with 3M Oral Care for 10+ years, Dr Carl Fullaway comments on Filtek One bulk fill restorative.

“I find that the aesthetics of Filtek One are really good for a single shaded composite. Its slight translucency helps it blend in with and pick up the natural colour of the surrounding tooth tissue, but is not as translucent as the previous Filtek bulk fill, which provides confidence in using it, even for some anterior composites.

“It has great handling – nice and pliable to push into the cavity without being too tacky and staying on the instruments. Being able to place in 4mm increments produces a good speed of workflow.”

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