TiUnite Proven Successful Once Again

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  Posted by: Dental Design      29th December 2017

Over the past 17 years, Nobel Biocare’s TiUnite implant surface has proven highly successful.

Setting the scientific standard for supporting evidence, TiUnite has been evaluated in more than 465 publications, featuring over 89,500 implants in more than 22,600 patients, with the longest mean follow up of 11.2 years.

It has also been the subject of the largest ever meta-analysis of a single implant brand, which confirmed that implants with a TiUnite surface:

• Show remarkably low early failure rates and support long-term clinical survival
• Deliver early implant- and patient-level survival rates that exceed 99% at one year, and late implant-level survival rate at an estimated 95.1% after 10 years

The TiUnite implant surface has also been associated with a low prevalence of peri-implantitis,ii, excellent bone maintenance over 8.5 years for implants in direct contact with soft tissue, and stable bone levels over 10 years.

To find out more about the benefits of TiUnite and the extensive clinical research supporting the implant surface, contact Nobel Biocare today.

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