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  Posted by: Dental Design      6th February 2018

How long is it going to take? What do you reckon? Can you give me a rough idea? What about an estimate? It is human nature to be curious, to try to find out more and these are questions that implant surgeons hear every day. Often it is very hard to give patients a definitive answer about implant loading because there can be so many variables – but the W&H Implantmed with Osstell ISQ module can change all that.

This innovative new device enables clinicians to easily assess the stability of an implant by taking measurements including the Implant Stability Quotient (ISQ) and Resonance Frequency Analysis (RFA) to determine the level of osseointegration. Not only does this help to give your patients more answers to their questions, but it also provides implant surgeons with a safe, precise, reliable and traceable means of determining the optimum time to load the implant.

With so many patients opting for implant surgery, modern practitioners are faced with hundreds of different clinical circumstances. For example, some patients can be medically compromised and others may have poor bone quality, but even in patients that have an unremarkable medical history, it can be very difficult to predict healing times. No two cases are the same and it can be a complex process trying to take all key parameters and risk factors into account. Similarly, surgeons cannot simply estimate or rely solely on the implant manufacturers’ recommendations because even if an implant seems stable and the radiograph has been checked, it still may not be the best time to load.

Now the W&H Implantmed has an integrated solution – the Osstell ISQ module. This is an exciting new add-on to the award-winning W&H Implantmed drive unit, which determines stability, allowing clinicians to make a qualified decision as to when to proceed.

The W&H Implantmed surgical drive unit alone is an invaluable asset to the implant workflow. Chosen from thousands of products around the globe, it recently earned the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2017. And, along with its innovative and intuitive design, the W&H Implantmed offers dentists and implant surgeons simple to use operations and accurate functions to ensure the safe insertion of all types of implants. This surgical drive unit features an intuitive touch screen with user-friendly menu guidance, a choice of surgical handpieces as well as an automatic thread cutter function, torque control and all the hi-tech functions required to offer clinicians an exceptionally high degree of precision.

Adding to this, the new Osstell ISQ module retrofits seamlessly and easily to the W&H Implantmed to create one of the most useful and advanced tools in any implant surgeon’s armamentarium.

This unique measuring system provides surgeons with a reliable means of measuring implant stability with the quantitative assurance and confidence to make clinical decisions easier and treatment safer. Using a Smart Peg (which is placed in the inside thread of the implant) and a measuring probe, the Osstell ISQ module evaluates the frequency at which resonance is reached using micro-vibrations. It is an extremely quick, simple and non-invasive procedure for patients, yet the resulting display provides surgeons with a precise and objective assessment of implant viability.

The W&H Implantmed and Osstell ISQ module also offers a coherent means of communicating with patients – by having tangible readings, discussions between the patient and clinician about progress and healing times can be illustrated more easily. In addition, all values and measurements can be retained for additional security, quality and patient confidence.

With 125 years’ experience, W&H is dedicated to innovation and offers advanced, award-winning oral surgery and implantology tools to clinicians around the world. It understands that dentists and surgeons need flexibility, expedience and cutting-edge technology. So, there are multiple devices and controls available to customise the latest W&H Implantmed to create safe, precise and convenient operation within the surgical environment.

Rely on the experts at W&H, take away the guesswork and find out more about the Implantmed and Osstell ISQ module today.


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