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  Posted by: Dental Design      6th February 2018

The British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show 2018 promises to be the event of the year once again. An eclectic array of speakers has been brought together to share their industry-leading knowledge and help professionals improve their clinical, business and communication skills.

Various programmes have been designed to meet the needs of different groups of professionals, including the BACD Aesthetic and Digital Dentist Theatre, Hygienist & Therapist Symposium, Dental Nurses Forum and Dental Business Theatre. There will also be features focusing on the specialist areas such as endodontics, orthodontics, implants and periodontology, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to advance and broaden their knowledge.

The Next Generation Conference has been programmed specifically to help dentists in their first few years after qualification to gain understanding in subjects not taught at dental school. Among these is the idea of how to ‘sell’ dentistry – how to communicate with patients, how to discuss potential treatment in a way they are comfortable with and how to encourage treatment acceptance the ethical way.

This is definitely Ashley Latter’s area of expertise. He is renowned in the dental profession for his lecturing and teaching on the subject and his popular Ethical Sales and Communication programme is recognised around the globe. Ashley shares what he feels are the main challenges facing young dentists today:

“They face many challenges, but I’ll focus on two of them. First, if they are setting up a squat practice, then attracting new patients is difficult. They have to become proactive, knock on doors, hand out referral cards, do whatever it takes to build a patient base from scratch. They need to become full-time networkers and they need to forget about any inhibitions regarding the idea that they are a professional and patients should just come to them. It’s hard, painstaking work.

“Secondly, if they take over an existing practice and patient base, then they should just spend the first six months getting to know their patients, building the rapport and forming stronger relationships. They need to love their patients like they would their own family and building such rapport can be challenging when there is so much else to think about.” 

Ashley will be imparting his wisdom on delegates in the Next Generation Conference 2018 on Saturday 19th May. About his session entitled “How to sell dentistry, have more patients say yes without selling” he says:

“I will be covering key essential communication skills that are proven and necessary to help dentists create more opportunities to deliver the dentistry they love to do and that their patients want. I will be teaching a process, where you can encourage more patients to say ‘yes’, but without you having to sell. It is a simple, yet very effective concept. For anyone who is intrigued, then you need to attend this workshop. 

“I am hoping that dentists leave my lecture and start having long, informative, meaningful conversations with their patients, to build stronger patient / practitioner relationships. If you do this and implement a fraction of what I will teach, you will start to create more opportunities in your practices.

“For those who haven’t heard me speak before, they can expect fresh ideas that have worked with thousands of dentists all over the world. They can expect a motivational, inspirational lecture and they will come away with a completely new way of thinking. Anyone that has attended my lectures in the past can enjoy a refresher of the most important communication skills that dentists should develop. Not only will they know what world-class communication skills look and sound like, but it will keep them away from the GDC forever.” 

Building on the successes of The Dentistry Show and the British Dental Conference from previous years, this newly collaborative event is sure to offer something for everyone. From motivational lectures to verifiable CPD, an extensive trade exhibition with on-stand learning opportunities and live demonstrations, there is much more than meets the eye!

“This event has grown and developed over the years,” adds Ashley. “It is an amazing success story and it is extremely popular. I have lectured every year since the inception and the standard and variety of lectures is first-class. You would be mad not to attend! The fact that it has joined up with the BDA is great because it should be even bigger and better. 

“The British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show is sure to be a highlight for me in 2018 and we are exhibiting again with lots of offers on all our courses and programmes. If people are coming to hear my talk, please arrive early to avoid disappointment – last year, over 200 people attended and it was standing room at the back. Please also come and say hello at our stand.” 


The British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show 2018 will be held on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th May at the NEC in Birmingham, co-located with DTS.


For further details visit www.thedentistryshow.co.uk, call 020 7348 5270

or email dentistry@closerstillmedia.com


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