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  Posted by: Dental Design      7th February 2018

Thanks to the greater level of precision that the Piezomed affords, piezosurgery has become a widely recognised technique in dental surgery and implantology.

The cutting accuracy helps to reduce blood loss and minimise the risk of accidental soft tissue harm, which helps to increase visibility in the working area during surgery. Along with accelerated healing and reduced post-treatment discomfort for the patient, there is also less thermal damage, which minimises the likelihood of bone necrosis.

For best results, the Piezomed surgical unit from leading manufacturer, W&H offers continuous, efficient cooling through the instrument to the operating site, to guarantee optimal cooling of both the tip and of the working area.

There is an extensive range of powerful yet gentle tips available, including a fine-toothed instrument for horizontal cuts with minimal bone loss in hard-to-reach areas, an instrument for splitting the alveolar ridge, an instrument for modelling and contouring the bone surface, and more.

Efficient, atraumatic and easy to operate, the W&H Piezomed is the ideal partner for implant surgery, to reduce pain and improve healing – contact now to find out more.

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