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  Posted by: Dental Design      7th February 2018

A fractured file must be one of an endodontist’s worst nightmares – but with the new HyFlex EDM NiTi files from COLTENE, you’ll be sleeping easy.

That’s because the new HyFlex EDM file exhibits 700 per cent greater fracture resistance than other NiTi files. This is due to the specialised machining process that is used to create these reliable files – electric discharge machining (EDM) – which generates sparks that cause the surface of the file material to melt and evaporate. This provides extra strength – and extra flexibility.

Indeed, the HyFlex EDM file allows for greater flexibility in the canal, meaning that – along with its superior strength – the file can be used with greater accuracy in minimally invasive procedures.

What’s more, due to these unique properties, it is possible for practitioners to reduce the number of files they need to clean and shape the root canal during endodontic procedures – making the HyFlex EDM more cost-effective than other files.

Through intense research and development, COLTENE has been getting to the root of modern dental issues. To find out more about what they could bring to your dental practice, contact the expert team today.

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