Innovative imaging with the Nomad Pro 2

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  Posted by: Dental Design      7th February 2018

Designed to be durable and robust, practitioners can trust in the reliability of the NOMAD® Pro 2. It comes with a powerful battery handset which has enhanced the system’s performance and made it a highly portable radiographic unit, capable of obtaining hundreds of images in a single charge.

Weighing at just over five pounds, the NOMAD® Pro 2’s handheld design eliminates the need for multiple units, making it an ideal radiographic device to use between surgeries.

Built to endure an operatory environment, the dental team will appreciate the efficacy of the full-colour LCD user interface of the NOMAD® Pro 2 that is both scratch- and moisture-resistant. The reduced time required to conduct radiographic procedures also means you have more time to spend with your patients during an appointment.

Be confident in the knowledge that the NOMAD® Pro 2 maintains the highest level of safety as it has been expertly manufactured with modern radiation shielding to protect the operator from prolonged exposure.

Taking intraoral radiographic images has never been simpler with the NOMAD® Pro 2 from Clark Dental.

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