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  Posted by: Dental Design      7th February 2018

Do you have young patients who regularly participate in sports?

Do they know that there are custom-made mouth guards available, suitable for under 16s, that will protect their teeth and jaw from damage?

Saber Protect custom-made mouth guards come in four impact levels. Level 1 has been designed for athletes under 16 in mind.

With protective layers of 2mm and 3mm, the Saber Protect custom-made mouth guard will offer a wealth of unique benefits for young, active patients. Their specific needs will be taken into consideration so that the perfect mouth guard can be designed for their ultimate peace of mind – and that of their parents!

They may be participating in sports several times a week; the custom fitting will offer protection that is second to none. Neither breathing nor speech will be hindered and the layered protection offers impact dispersion in the event of a blow or fall.

Saber Protect custom-made mouth guards offer maximum protection for every age, level and sport.

They are an essential piece of kit – find out more today!

Saber Protect custom-made mouth guards are fabricated by CosTech Dental Laboratory. For more information, please visit


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