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  Posted by: Dental Design      27th February 2018

Your dental surgery is the workspace where you will treat and interact with your patients for many years. It must be right for you, your staff and your patients in serving your needs today, and also changing with the times. Be sure to take your time and plan it carefully, with a clear vision and the right help, it will be well worth the effort and any headaches incurred along the way.

Here are some important principles for you to consider that might make the process easier:

Work towards set objectives

The very first step to designing a dental surgery is to decide precisely what you want from the space you have. This includes deciding what demographic you will be targeting, what type of dentistry you will be offering and where you want to be in the future. Only after you have these things ordered in your head should you begin the project, with your goals set firmly at the finish line. By doing so, the result of all your hard work and investment will be what you always wanted.

Plan for the future

Designing a dental surgery with nothing but the present in mind will undoubtedly lead to issues further down the line. Dentistry in the UK is advancing at an unprecedented rate and new technology is appearing on the market every year, making it necessary for dental professionals to adapt to emerging trends and patient expectations. Keeping an eye on what is just around the corner whilst planning the layout of your dental surgery will help you prepare for any changes that might come your way – and will ultimately help you ‘future proof’ your business.

Use your space wisely

You must consider the best ways to utilise the space you have available in the surgery. A dental surgery must allow for comfortable access and efficient treatment, but not waste unnecessary space. Every inch of your surgery should be used to its full extent, so it’s worth taking the time to plan out exactly where you think things should go – and whether it is the best place for them.

Cabinetry position

Cabinetry is a crucial element of any dental surgery – and its placement will directly impact your workflow. As such, it’s important to consider how you and your team like to work and design your space around your preferences. For example if you utilise the four-handed technique, your cabinetry will need to be arranged to facilitate a better workflow. All cabinetry must contribute to everyday efficiency, whilst also conforming to both ergonomic and regulatory requirements.

Aesthetic appeal

With so much else to take into account, it can be easy to forget that your surgery also needs to look great, not only your reception area or the waiting room. Today’s patients expect an ‘experience’ when they visit the dentist, and your surgery should reflect who you are as a practice, whether it is in the colour scheme or the choice of music to put your patients at ease as they undergo treatment. This does not need to break the bank – little touches can, after all, make all the difference – but it is important to put the effort in.

Invest in quality technology

Dentistry in the UK is experiencing a definite evolution in terms of equipment and technology. It is important, therefore, to stay up with the latest trends – in order to stay current and at the cutting edge. But choosing new dental equipment can be a monumental task. With every manufacturer maintaining that their products are best, it can be difficult to be sure that what you’re spending your hard-earned money on is worth what you are paying for it. Quality is, by far, the most important consideration when buying new equipment – and the best way of ensuring quality is to buy from a trusted dealer.


Get help from the experts

Considering all the big and small necessities for your all-important surgery is no mean feat – and you may find yourself out of your depth. As such, it can be beneficial to get help from a company that is experienced with dental surgery design. This way, you can rest assured that the decisions you are making are backed by the experts. Clark Dental, for example, have over 40 years’ experience of helping dental professionals design their dental surgeries and know precisely what is needed to turn an initial idea into reality. They also have expert knowledge of the latest dental technology, meaning they can be trusted to provide you with the very best products.

Designing a dental surgery that will serve the needs of you, your staff and, of course, your patients is always a challenge – but with the right help, you will be able to create something you will be proud of!


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