Smell the Spring Air


  Posted by: Dental Design      14th March 2018

It’s springtime! But unfortunately millions of people suffer from seasonal allergies that are triggered by airborne pollen. Runny nose, sneezing and coughing are familiar symptoms and excessive mucus collects in the nose and throat causing unpleasant mouth odour.

A good oral health routine including CB12 mouthwash will help to combat foul smelling gases or volatile sulphur compounds (VSCs) so that patients can maintain fresh breath for longer.

Developed by dentists and clinically proven, CB12 contains low concentrations of zinc acetate and chlorhexidine diacetate and is able to bind chemically to tissues in the oral cavity. This means that CB12 can provide effective, neutralising action on foul smelling VSCs for up to 12 hours.

CB12 also contains 0.05% sodium fluoride to encourage good oral health, and is available in refreshing mint menthol and mild mint menthol flavours.

Recommend CB12 and help to reduce oral malodour this spring by contacting CB12 now.

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