The Digital Imaging Equipment Experts


  Posted by: Dental Design      2nd May 2018

For over forty years, RPA Dental has been delivering an unrivalled service to the dental community, taking care to meet dental practices’ ever evolving demands through providing the best equipment, technical support and customer service.

One of the areas in which RPA Dental is proud to specialise in is digital imaging, of which it offers a range of top manufacturers including the internationally renowned, MyRay.

If you were to browse the catalogue of MyRay products you would find that each and every single solution has been innovatively designed to enhance the in-surgery work experience, streamline practice and improve the delivery of patient care.

All of MyRay’s digital imaging equipment is also extremely intuitive and easy to use, reliable and extremely durable – they really are worth every penny.

And if repairs or servicing were ever required, customers could rest assured that RPA Dental has it covered!

Thus, if you are looking to purchase or upgrade digital imaging solutions in your practice, contact the specialists.

 For more information, contact RPA Dental on 08000 933 975or visit the website


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