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  Posted by: Dental Design      3rd May 2018

A shift in how we, as a global community, think about waste management, recycling and the ways that our behaviour impacts on the environment has been happening for a while.

Certainly in the UK, recycling plastic, paper and glass is now commonplace, when it wasn’t just a few decades ago. Recycling facilities can be found in schools, sports centres and offices and in other communal areas. Children are now used to segregating their waste into items for landfill, and things that can be recycled into new materials and objects. Local councils across the country provide different coloured bins for households to separate things they want to throw away, as well as municipal sites for recycling.

A vigorous campaign to reduce and ultimately eliminate single-use plastics has grabbed headlines since late 2017, when heart-breaking images of oceans filled with tonnes of plastic debris appeared on the BBC’s Blue Planet II. In early 2018, the government announced plans to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste by 2042, which included measures to abolish disposable items that litter the country and pollute our seas.

It is within this context that more and more dental practices are looking at their own strategy for improving their green credentials. Of course, there is extensive legislation covering the correct segregation, disposal and recycling of clinical waste, and every practice has to ensure their ongoing compliance. But what about the tool that dentists, dental hygienists and dental technicians routinely use or recommend to their patients?

Tandex is the Danish producer of toothbrushes, interdental brushes and other adjunctive products. It also has a proud legacy of being committed to protecting the environment, both in the materials it uses and how it packages its high-quality range. Last year, Tandex’s Prevent GELTM was honoured to receive the Green Label award. Presented by the Danish Consumer Council THINK Chemicals, this means that the product was examined and found to contain no ingredients with potential adverse effects, such as common allergens, chemicals with endocrine-disrupting effects or chemicals that are problematic to the environment.

In fact, all of Tandex’s products are 100 per cent free from PVC, bisphenol-A, harmful phthalates and other toxic substances. Dental professionals can use and recommend Tandex with confidence, knowing that this is a supplier who is committed to protecting patients and the environment.

The brushes are robust, which means they can be cleaned thoroughly until they need replacing. The SOLOTM interspace brush, for example, can withstand scalding, which means less waste than if the patient is using disposable adjuncts. The FLEXITM interdental brush, as well as being made from environmentally ethical materials, is similarly durable, as well as being effective and comfortable for patients to use.

Tandex does not use unnecessary packaging either, to keep waste down. The brushes are packaged in reusable plastic boxes and the cardboard display is both compact and recyclable, too.

Protecting our environment and reducing waste is something every practice should be doing. It is a problem that affects us locally, nationally and globally. Review your practice’s green credentials and commit to working with companies that have made the pledge to do more, so that together, we can speed up the pace of positive change.


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