BACD Recommended Meeting – ‘Build relationships’ – Dr Dhiresh Raithatha

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  Posted by: Dental Design      8th May 2018

Dr Dhiresh Raithatha attended his first recommended meeting in London, hosted by the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD).

“I graduated as a student in 2016 and had been looking into aspects of dentistry that I enjoyed,” he says. “I really enjoy the aesthetics side to my job at the moment, so cosmetic dentistry caught my interest.

“At the time of my initial interest in the subject, I was looking for a group or society with a particular focus on it. I discovered the BACD and I immediately joined as a member.

“I saw that the BACD were holding a recommended meeting in London that still had places available, so I booked myself onto the session in order to get involved.

“I had studied in London for 6 years during my training so I found it very easy to navigate my way to the meeting. Even if I had not been familiar with the area already, directions to the venue were clear and concise. Although the venue itself was very professional, it felt like an informal, inviting and comfortable environment from my arrival.

“All of my expectations were fulfilled. The speakers provided very useful information that met the objectives of the meeting, and I found that I could apply what I had learnt immediately to practice.

“The session was not a presentation as such but rather more of a group discussion, which is an aspect of it that I thoroughly enjoyed. As the size of the group in attendance was small, there were plenty of opportunities for discussion. We were all able to converse with the speaker and free to ask questions.

“If there was anything that was confusing, the speaker, or other members, would happily explain further. This made the meeting very engaging and comfortable, and I was able to learn a lot from my respectable colleagues.

“Being a young dentist, I understand that there are many aspects of dentistry to learn about. The BACD recommended meetings do not just educate you on the treatments you can provide to patients, but also give you an opportunity to network and build relationships with other dentists, in order to share ideas.

“I have seen the line up for 2018 and plan to attend more recommended meetings in the future. I also aim to become an accredited dentist with the BACD.”


The BACD hold recommended meetings in various places across the UK. To find out what interesting topics they are covering in your area, and to book your place, visit their website for details.


For further enquiries about the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry visit

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