Engaging teenagers with the power of CALCIVIS


  Posted by: Dental Design      8th May 2018

“I recently used the new CALCIVIS®imaging system with a female teenage patient who had stained fissures on her 6s,” said Dr Jason Wong, from The Maltings Dental Practice. “These teeth were already ‘on watch’ and being regularly examined but I wanted to obtain a more precise way of monitoring these teeth and successfully engage and motivate the patient about her oral health.

 “With the help of the CALCIVIS imaging system I saw my patient’s view turn from indifference to immense interest as the image came into view at the chair side. The girl was very impressed with the picture that was generated and she even asked if she could have a copy to share with her friends. Of course I agreed, and I was thrilled because this young lady had really become involved – she began to ask questions about improving her oral hygiene levels and was clearly interested in preventing any deterioration to her teeth.

“Following these first scans, fissure sealants were applied to the first molars and we agreed to continue using the CALCIVIS imaging system at six month intervals. The patient left the surgery happy and I was delighted that her outlook towards oral hygiene had improved significantly.

“The CALCIVIS imaging system is a powerful tool for patient communication and comprehension and offers an accurate record of demineralisation. I think that it has tremendous potential for the future of preventive dentistry.”

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