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  Posted by: Dental Design      8th May 2018

For the last 30 years, TBR has been providing practitioners with all the tools, products and support required to deliver optimum dental implant treatment. As such, TBR produces only the most effective solutions for the benefit of both patients and clinicians.

That’s why the flagship Z1 implant system boasts a 98.6% success rate and produces clinical outcomes unmatched by traditional bone level implants.

This is thanks to the innovative design of the Z1. With a durable titanium body and zirconia collar, the Z1 implant is highly biocompatible and provides a unique shield that protects both the crestal bone and gingiva. This reduces the risk of patients developing iatrogenic inflammation or infection.

Practitioners can relax knowing that the Z1 requires only one surgical procedure, eliminating the need to reopen the surgical site once it is placed. Not only does this enhance patient comfort, but it also allows a more efficient workflow by reducing chairtime.

Contact the expert team at Dental Express to discover how you could benefit from the sophisticated engineering of the Z1.

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