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  Posted by: Dental Design      9th May 2018

Improper processing and loading of dental instruments can result in cross-contamination and compromise the safety of patients and professionals alike. Only by taking the right steps can you ensure complete containment of the product during all stages of the decontamination process, prevent recontamination and protect the instruments from potential deterioration and damage.

To help practices achieve complete compliance, improve safety and workflow efficiency, and facilitate instrument inventory management and traceability, Eschmann offers a colour-coded instrument Management System (EiMS). Products include Hands Free instrument Transfer (HFiT) cassettes, a variety of trays with lids and dental burr holders.

For more defined sets per autoclave load, Eschmann provides Examination size trays and cassettes that are designed to hold one complete instrument set for a single patient. With the Examination size instrument Management System practices can remove the risk of overloading or mixing instruments, which is common with full size trays, making inventory management more intuitive.

These high-quality products are available alongside excellent customer service and expert advice from Eschmann’s attentive team.

 Contact Eschmann now for loading and transfer accessories that will transform your decontamination processing and enhance outcomes.

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