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  Posted by: Dental Design      15th June 2018

Dental practitioners require optimal intraoral working conditions to ensure treatment can be carried out well. That’s why many choose NeoDrys Saliva Absorbents as the most reliable solution in effective parotid saliva control.

Supplied exclusively by Dental Express, NeoDrys Saliva Absorbents outperform other systems to keep the oral cavity dry for up to 15 minutes, thus reducing usage in practice.  

Available in both large and small sizes, NeoDrys Saliva Absorbents feature soft-edged, reflective backing that not only protects the cheeks from abrasion, but also reflects light back into the mouth for increased visibility. This facilitates efficient intraoral treatment and offers greater comfort to patients – including those with sensitive gag reflexes which can often be triggered by awkward-fitting cotton rolls.

Practitioners will have peace of mind knowing that they can rely on NeoDrys Saliva Absorbents, which prevent distracting leakage – even when the core is fully saturated.

Contact the expert team at Dental Express to explore the benefits of NeoDrys Saliva Absorbents.

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