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  Posted by: The Probe      5th September 2018

Treating the compromised patient can present an array of challenges for dental professionals. However, it’s important to find a solution for these patients in order to improve their quality of life and enable them to enjoy the everyday things that many of us take for granted.

Dental implant therapy has widely become the treatment of choice for edentulous or soon-to-be-edentulous patients because of its ability to restore function, aesthetics and self-confidence for so many people. There are various techniques and materials now available that allow practitioners to meet the demands of even the most complex cases. As a pioneer of some of these solutions, Nobel Biocare recently showed professionals its latest innovations during a two-day educational event in Birmingham.

The first day of the programme was all about the science, while the second focused on hands-on learning. Three world-class speakers demonstrated their extensive knowledge and expertise, giving delegates useful advice and fresh ideas as well as an overview of all the clinical evidence supporting each approach.

In the morning, Dr. Ana Ferro took professionals on a journey through the evolution of the innovative All-on-4®treatment concept. Originally created by Nobel Biocare, The Malo Clinic has produced a wealth of clinical research into the system’s effectiveness and long-term results, which Dr. Ferro kindly shared with delegates. Engaging her audience until the very end, Dr. Ferro welcomed plenty of questions covering topics like flap size, bone reduction for lip support, probing the sinus and decision making for the clinician. After her lecture, Ana said:

“In my experience, I have found Nobel Biocare events to be very professionally organised compared to others I have attended. The team is very familiar with hosting educational days and this enables me to relax as a speaker. This, like all other Nobel Biocare events, has had a very rich programme focused on the patient and helping clinicians to innovate. The speakers and content, as well as the support in the exhibition, make these events the successes that they are.”

Dr. Richard Brookshaw discussed treating the atrophic maxilla with zygoma implants. He explored his own way of working with delegates, hailing NobelClinician™ software as a “fantastic tool” in the planning of treatment and communication between dentist and technician. Dr. Brookshaw discussed the surgical technique and the need for good visualisation during surgery, ending with the advantages of zygoma implants.

Bringing the day to a close, Dr. Rubén Davó introduced professionals to the latest innovation from Nobel Biocare – the Trefoil™ system. Launched with five years of study already supporting its safety and effectiveness, its clever mechanism provides an effective and more affordable option for full arch rehabilitation of the mandible.  

All speakers emphasised the need to care for the patientand improve their quality of life, rather than simply treating the clinicalproblem. They also each presented a hands-on session on Saturday, giving delegates an opportunity to develop their practical skills and get to grips with the products introduced to them the previous day.   


Comments from delegates attending the programme included:

“I decided to attend this course as I have needed to refer several patients out of my practice, for treatments I am currently unable to offer. As I already provide All-On-4®treatments for my patients, I was particularly interested in attending the hands-on session on zygomatic implants, to see if this could be a treatment I might be able to offer my patients in the future. The practical aspects of the course were excellent as they improved my understanding and visualisation of the procedure that could not be gained purely from listening to a presentation. Dr. Richard Brookshaw was very enthusiastic about the benefits of the treatment option but was careful to emphasise that this was the ’start’ of training and that more would be needed to ensure competency. Overall, the two day course was an inspiring opportunity to listen and learn from such well known and well respected speakers, with all presentations backed up by research and evidence.” – Dr. Matt Thorpe

“I attended mostly to find out more about the new Trefoil™ system as it looks interesting and I would like to know how it works and how it would fit into my practice. I also picked up some useful tips for the All-on-4®treatment concept.” – Dr. Paul Euden-Harrison

“I found all of the lectures to be very informative. I particularly liked the session on zygoma implants as it was a good introduction to the topic and I don’t think there are enough lectures on it. As I restore but don’t place implants in practice, I found all the prosthodontic tips useful as well. In addition, the speakers have been very good – they are clearly very experienced.” – Dr. Gurvinder Bhirth

“I attended this course exclusively for the update on zygoma implants – it’s good to see how other people to do things. Hearing about the All-on-4®treatment concept as well was a bonus and all the sessions have shown well-documented cases.” – Dr. Gurs Sehmi






Epitomising Nobel Biocare’s continued commitment to training and education, this event on treating compromised patients offered delegates a wealth of information and advice. Ultimately, it was all about treating more patients better and professionals certainly left with renewed knowledge and enthusiasm to do just this.


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