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  Posted by: Dental Design      28th September 2018

Since the formation of Renton-Harper Periodontics in Bristol in 1993, Dr Paul Renton-Harper and his team have been using and recommending Curaprox oral healthcare solutions to patients in order to assist with treatment pathways and help improve oral health.

They now stock a large variety of Curaprox products, including the new Be You line of whitening toothpastes available in six unique flavours and colours, as well as products such as the Black is White range and CS manual toothbrushes.

“I always recommend CS toothbrushes to patients that have undergone surgery, as they’re ultra soft and available in various bristle formations,” says Dr Renton-Harper. “As for accompanying adjuncts, our recommendations are very much based on the individual’s needs. Indeed, we spend a lot of time putting together a tailored plan for our patients and providing in-depth oral and dietary advice.”

Predominantly, though, Dr Renton-Harper and his team of specialists will recommend the CPS prime and CPS perio ranges of interdental brushes. He continues: “After assessing and measuring our patients to calculate the most suitable size, we provide Curaprox interdental brushes as part of a complimentary oral health kit.”

CPS interdental brushes are made using CURAL® ultra-thin and extra strong surgical wire, meaning they can fit into the smallest of interdental spaces offering ultimate coverage, ensuring a safe, gentle and atraumatic clean every use. They also last up to five times longer than other interdental brushes on the market making them much more cost effective in the long-run. It is for these reasons and more that Dr Renton-Harper rates CPS interdental brushes above any others. “But it’s not just me that loves them,” he says. “We’ve found that between 65% and 70% of our patients continue to use Curaprox after the trial period, which speaks for itself really.

“Considering most of our patients when we first meet them are already using interdental brushes from another manufacturer, the fact that so many are willing to change is a testament to the sheer quality and efficaciousness of Curaprox’s products. There’s no pressure for them to swap to CPS, because the way we see it, as long as they’re practising a quality oral care regimen we’re satisfied. But if they’re happy to, we fully encourage patients to use Curaprox due to their flexibility and the umbrella effect of the bristles. Plus, because they’re available in a variety of sizes, we can rest assured that patients are using an interdental brush that is suited to their individual periodontal needs.”

As for the support from Curaprox, Dr Renton-Harper is thrilled with the help he has received over the years, and the team’s decision to award them A* Accreditation – an accolade that was created to reward practices’ commitment to the Curaprox brand. “The UK team has always been very accommodating to me and my practice, providing a consistently high level of customer service and advice that has proven invaluable. We were therefore thrilled to be named an A* Accredited practice and receive extra support with product selection and marketing. We’ve even had the pleasure of liaising with Ueli Breitschmid, the owner of Curaprox, about the availability of new products and how they could help to improve the oral health of our patients. How many other companies can boast that kind of service?

“For all of these reasons, my practice will continue to use and recommend Curaprox products to patients moving forward into 2019 and beyond, and I look forward to our ongoing partnership with the oral healthcare specialists.”

If you’re interested in offering Curaprox solutions to your patients or want to find out more about how to become an A* Accredited practice, contact the team today for more information.

For more information please call 01480 862084, email info@curaprox.co.uk or visit www.curaprox.co.uk

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