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  Posted by: Dental Design      30th October 2018

Other Considerations

If you do not have a written associate agreement in place, you also do not have the benefit of post-termination restrictions (restrictive covenants). This, in itself, poses a serious risk to the goodwill of your business.

In the absence of post-termination restrictions, an associate can walk out tomorrow and setup in competition with you next door the following Monday.

In any event, for a positive relationship during the engagement of an associate, a written agreement provides both parties with a clear set of terms to work under, as well as protecting the practice owner’s business interests when the engagement comes to an end.


Who else should have a written agreement in place?

If you engage consultants, bookkeepers or cleaners, it is equally important that each individual has a written agreement – whether as a service agreement (self-employed), a contract of employment (permanent or temporary), or a zero hours contract worker for the same reasons explored above.

Given the current climate of employment law and – in particular – employment status, it is of paramount importance that contracts and agreements are appropriate. A one size solution no longer fits all.

An investment in issuing written agreements to your staff and contractors can minimise future risks, as well as ensure you follow best practice from a HR and legal perspective.

Practitioners may be concerned that drafting fair and thorough written agreements is somewhat of a complex and lengthy task, so it may be worth seeking out reliable dento-legal solicitors who can aid in this process. The expert team at Goodman Grant have the extensive knowledge and experience required to help you put together balanced and comprehensive written agreements, so you are able to avoid the risk of disputes arising in the future.


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