Noor Al-Helou shares her thoughts on attending BACD Young Dentists Day

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  Posted by: Dental Design      4th December 2018

Fuelling your passion for dentistry

With so many changes taking place within modern dentistry, it is now the time for young dentists to carpe diemand begin taking advantage of the various educational opportunities available to them. This presents the chance for newly qualified dentists to expand on their current skillset and knowledge, enabling them to better prepare for a bright future in dentistry. Yet, while it is an exciting time for many young dentists, it can be as equally intimidating – particularly for those struggling to find their place within a fast-paced profession.

Thankfully, the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) held a dedicated Young Dentists Day to shed some light on the possibilities of a career in cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry. This one-day event included an eclectic line-up of lectures, each presented by renowned experts from the field. BACD President, Dr Donald Sloss, launched the event, before Dr Joe Bansal took the stage to discuss how he began developing his career in cosmetic dentistry. This presentation was followed by a fascinating lecture by Dr Richard Field on ICON and how to maximise on minimally invasive techniques.

After a short lunch break, delegates were eager to gain advice from Dr Slaine McGrath on the use of social media within the profession, while Dr Chris McConnell presented an interesting session on composite bonding. Dr Sam Jethwa provided valuable guidance on ethical smile design and various “top tips” for those taking their first steps into the world of cosmetic dentistry. An engaging Q&A panel discussion concluded the day’s events, with Dr Luke Hutchings and Dr Chris McConnell adding their own professional insight.

Final year dental student, Noor Al-Helou, shares her thoughts on attending Young Dentists Day:

“I was just starting my final year at dental school when I began to think about further training and options for when I graduate. There are so many courses available that it’s often confusing, overwhelming, and difficult to decide what to do. It is also difficult to know whether these courses are suitable for someone who has just qualified. I thought that Young Dentists Day would give me an insight into the world of cosmetic dentistry, but in a way that is more constructive for those like me who are just starting out in the profession, rather than those who have been in practice for many years.

“The presentations and speakers at Young Dentists Day were excellent. I always wanted to know how Dr Joe Bansal took amazing clinical photos for Facebook and he gave us his secret in one sentence. Finding out how to build a social media following from Dr Slaine McGrath was also great, especially because it’s likely to be something every dentist will be doing in the future. Learning about ICON from Dr Richard Field was one of the day’s highlights because I had never heard of it before and it was exciting, like how I felt when I started to train as a dentist.

“Since attending the event, I have looked into making my social media account public and I have also explored minimally invasive treatment options in greater detail. Just this week, I even opted to try composite bonding rather than veneers, as a direct result of my experience at Young Dentists Day.

“I went to the event hoping to come out with a clearer understanding of cosmetic dentistry and I left having gained a lot more than this. It gave me a sense of direction for the future and enabled me to network with highly experienced dentists who can mentor and support me in the future should I need some advice. One of the best aspects about the event – besides everything that you learn – is that you have the ability to meet new people who are at the same level as you in their career, and have similar interests as you. 

“I would recommend Young Dentists Day to anyone just starting out as a dentist. You learn so much on the day and it’s such a fun event as well. It made me feel more connected to my profession and put me in contact with some amazing people. It also gave me the confidence to try new things and get more involved with the profession, which I was a little nervous to do before attending Young Dentists Day.”

The event ensured plenty of chances to network – whether that meant catching up with friends and colleagues, or meeting new people. Delegates celebrated in style by partying the night away at the stylish Blagclub in Kensington, London. As much a social occasion as an educational one, Young Dentists Day proved inspiring for many in attendance and some are now looking to join the BACD for the chance to take part in other events. These include Recommended Meetings and the prestigious Annual Conference, which sets the stage for some of the world’s most distinguished practitioners to share their expertise.


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