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  Posted by: Dental Design      8th January 2019

Most people can pinpoint at least one physical feature they are insecure of, but it seems that there are many who wish to improve their smile. The latest statistics have revealed that nearly half of the British population is currently unhappy with the appearance of their teeth.[i]The fact is, having discoloured, chipped, worn, or crooked teeth can make an individual feel self-conscious, but the implications of tooth loss are often more significant and far-reaching. For instance, patients with one or several missing teeth may have particularly poor self-esteem, which could have a negative effect on the way they interact with other people. As practitioners know, tooth loss can also reduce masticatory function, detrimentally impacting nutritional intake and general health.[ii]

Fortunately, practitioners have the means to effectively combat the issue of tooth loss through the latest procedures. Offering greater comfort and stability than traditional bridges or dentures, dental implants are fast becoming the first-choice treatment modality for partial or complete edentulism. In fact, with many implant systems boasting clinical success rates in excess of 90%, it is no wonder that this field of dentistry has become a staple of modern practice, and has grown increasingly popular with patients. In 2012, the Association of Dental Implantology estimated that as many as 130,000 individual implants were being placed every year,[iii]although this statistic could now be much higher.

With no indication that growth in this highly lucrative market will slow down any time soon, the demand for implants will only increase in the years ahead as techniques, technology, and materials continue to advance. This will enable the dental profession to achieve even more accurate results and superior aesthetics, thereby meeting or exceeding the expectations of modern patients. For practitioners, this presents an opportunity to expand their professional remit and enhance the service they offer, which is vital to growing and retaining that all-important patient base. However, make no mistake that dental implantology is a complex field, as many experienced clinicians can attest to.

It requires exacting surgical skills in order to achieve the ideal depth and implant location – an implant placed in the wrong position could result in permanent damage to facial nerves in extreme cases. Beyond surgical competence, practitioners must also have comprehensive knowledge of the associated elements of implant treatment. For instance, clinicians should be proficient at evaluating a patient’s oral and general health, as well as the quality and quantity of the patient’s jaw bone, which is essential to achieving optimal implant stability. Furthermore, practitioners must have a thorough understanding of occlusion and the aesthetic factors of an implant as they relate to a patient’s facial structure and appearance – good soft-tissue management can play a vital role in ensuring an effective result.

Ultimately, aspiring implantologists should have a solid foundation of both the practical and theoretical aspects of implant treatment. There are now a vast number of excellent training pathways available to those looking to advance into dental implantology. For instance, clinicians can enrol on various courses to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to begin placing implants in their own practice. Some practitioners choose to refer patients elsewhere for surgery, but will then restore the patient’s implant in-house. This latter option enables clinicians to meet the growing demand for implants, without having to undertake a lengthy training programme.

In any case, where a practitioner does decide to offer dental implants, it is important to have the right tools to ensure treatment is delivered safely and effectively, which involves sourcing reliable solutions from a trusted manufacturer. There are hundreds of implant systems currently available on the market – all varying in price and quality. It might be tempting to invest in a cheaper implant product to save on overall costs, but these systems do not always undergo the rigorous clinical testing required to guarantee their safety and longevity.

In order to achieve desirable, long-term results for the benefit of patients, it is recommended that practitioners choose tried-and-tested implant products – preferably from a dental supplier that has a strong understanding of the industry. Denka, for instance, is proud to be the exclusive distributor of the TBR Z1 implant system, which combines biocompatible titanium and zirconia in one seamless component for truly exceptional results. The company also has decades of experience in supplying surgical instruments, impression-taking materials, and many other essential products that facilitate the delivery of high quality implant treatment.

Dentists are in the ideal position to help patients enhance their appearance and provide a positive boost to their self-confidence. So long as practitioners acquire the necessary training and tools required to perform implant placement and restoration, they can provide solutions that deliver on the dreams of patients looking to restore their smile.


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Patrick South – Director & Owner

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