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  Posted by: Dental Design      10th January 2019

Continuing professional development (CPD) is a core aspect of modern dentistry. It is the means by which all clinical staff update and expand their knowledge and advance their skills. This serves to not only aid career progression, but it also ensures that patients consistently receive the very best treatment, with recommendations for procedures and products based on the latest scientific evidence and professional experience.

The latest regulations for enhanced CPD introduced by the GDC in August 2018 build upon this concept. They were designed to encourage quality learning over quantity, requiring continuous learning over the full five-year cycle for every dentist and dental care professional. They also establish the need for a personal development plan (PDP), which requires individuals to plan ahead in order to demonstrate that their learning is relevant and helpful to their role.

It can be challenging for professionals to find the time and resources to complete these CPD courses, and it is also sometimes difficult to identify those of a sufficiently high enough quality. This is where support from your principal or employer can be of significant benefit, as any dedicated time or subsidiaries can enable individuals to complete quality CPD with ease.

This is an area close to the hearts of all at Rodericks Dental. Many of our senior management team are not only from a clinical background, but have also been involved with professional training and education for several years.

As such, we have always been and still are totally committed to delivering various CPD opportunities for all professionals working in our practices, whether that is through FD training or education designed to help individuals further their careers. We ensure all training we offer directly or provide access to is of the highest quality and covers the latest technology, materials and clinical concepts, as this ensures we are able to continue providing excellent patient care as a group.

Consequently, we have always run a dedicated CPD programme for our dentists and we have developed this in three main areas over the past few years:


  • We have consolidated our online portals so that all learning tools are in one place. We now offer about 80-90% of the GDC recommended eCPD topics through this website, enabling professionals to further their knowledge in an effective and convenient way. We also signpost dentists to other online training resources and organisations for any topics that we don’t cover


  • We offer hands-on CPD courses, which we run in-house. These focus on minor oral surgery, endodontics, restorative dentistry, periodontology and orthodontics. They are presented by experts in the field and they provide an opportunity for our dentists to meet each other and network with like-minded professionals at the same time. We run additional courses throughout the year that cover some of the GDC recommended topics, allowing those professionals who prefer this to online learning to attend physical courses at our Support Centre in Northampton. Off the back of that, we have integrated all of our courses onto Eventbrite in the past six months, creating a really useful and straightforward way to book courses. Further still, we will soon launch our own dedicated CPD website, where dentists can browse everything on offer in one place. This facility, or something similar, will also be made available to other members of the team in due course.


  • We have worked hard to establish partnerships with leading external providers of CPD so we can offer our professionals good rates on their training. Currently, these include restorative courses with Paul Tipton, ethical selling and communication training with Ashley Latter, and training and support from IAS Academy for orthodontic appliances such as the Inman Aligner. We also work with Dentinal Tubules to provide access to their education and webinars, as well as GC and Optident. The latter two organisations provide discounts on products as well, encouraging and facilitating the uptake of quality products by all of our dentists. This covers everything from restorative materials to dental loupes, helping all our practices meet the high standards maintained across the group.

Where any extra support is needed, we are always keen to help individuals organise their diaries to complete courses in relevant fields. Dentists also have regular appraisals with Clinical Advisors to help create and maintain their PDPs, ensuring that they continue to work towards their career goals and fulfil all their aspirations.


For more information about the opportunities available with Rodericks Dental, please visit www.rodericksdentalcareers.co.uk, or contact Christina Regan at recruitment@rodericksdental.co.ukor

on 01604 970988(option 1)



Author bio:


Carlos qualified from Birmingham University in 1991. Having owned practices in London and Windsor, Carlos joined Rodericks in 2005 as a joint venture partner and subsequently merged his practices entirely with the group in 2008.

Carlos has had various roles within the group over the years. Having started as Business Development Director responsible for the opening of over 40 sites, he

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