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  Posted by: Dental Design      17th February 2019

Rodericks is a clinically led dental group that puts excellent patient care at the heart of everything we do. We currently operate more than 70 mixed NHS / private dental practices across England and Wales, with a few also offering optical services in a bid to bring eye care back within a healthcare setting.

Our ethos, however, is very much focused on increasing access to high quality dentistry across the nation. As such, we have opened or developed many practices in communities around the UK where dental need is highest. Our practices are also committed to facilitating oral health promotion in their local communities through events such as ‘Children’s’ Days’. Plus, we are proud to be the first group to arrange for a percentage of every card transaction fee to be donated to Bridge2Aid and the amazing work that the charity does.

We’re all about the people

With qualified dentists on the board of directors, we really understand what our practice teams need in order to consistently deliver exceptional patient care. We are passionate about creating the right environments for our patients to receive the very best NHS and private dentistry and for our people to truly thrive in their careers. We strive for this by focusing on four key areas:


All our professionals have access to extensive clinical and administrative support. Regarding the former, there is an established network of Clinical Advisors and mentors that individuals can turn to for information, guidance and reassurance. Many of our practices are Foundation Training practices, so we have highly experienced and skilled professionals guiding newly qualified dentists through their first year in practice. Beyond this, our expert administrative teams are on hand to provide any support individuals require regarding their paperwork, record keeping and compliance.


An absolute priority for us at Rodericks is the continual training and development of our teams. We are proud to offer various in-house CPD days and events, which help all professionals update their knowledge in essential CPD topics. We also offer an array of external training courses that are available at discounted fees, which individuals can attend to broaden and advance their skills in areas most of interest to them. Our Associate Clinical Director – Carlos Clark – personally leads the CPD programme for dentists and our dedicated Rodericks Conference each year offers CPD and networking for all members of our teams.

Aside from continued learning, we also facilitate career development with many different roles and positions available throughout the group, which we encourage our members to take advantage of. Dentists have the opportunity to become Clinical Advisors, or to be Associate Recruitment Advisors involved with the interviewing stage of potential new dentists. We have also seen dental nurses become practice managers, practice managers become area managers and dental hygienists becoming dentists. We are proud of what these individuals have achieved and we hope to encourage more people to do the same thing in the future.


To complement our teams’ knowledge and skill, we are keen to create the best possible facilities in which to deliver excellent dentistry. All our practices feature state-of-the-art equipment, rotary endodontics, digital imaging and a choice of high quality materials for practitioners to use. We have also built efficient referral pathways throughout our network of practices that enables all patients to receive the care they need.


Maintaining the high standards we set out to achieve is just as important as reaching them in the first place. To do this, we consider the performance of all our practices and ensure every team receives any additional support they may need to continue catering for their patients in the best way.

Making a difference

Rodericks joined the Association of Dental Groups (ADG) some time ago as we saw the benefit in being able to work with other dental providers to help shape the future landscape of UK dentistry. As an association with dental groups of all shapes and sizes, we have an unparalleled collective knowledge base from which to draw fresh ideas and work on potential solutions to what we believe are key challenges in the industry right now.

It’s also a great source of inspiration – each member can gain from others and we hope to inspire dental providers outside the group who want to get involved with issues that affect them just as much as the corporates. We really value our ADG membership and look forward to how the association navigates the seas ahead.

Here’s to the future

We were delighted that Rodericks was recognised in the fifth edition of the London Stock Exchange Group’s (LSEG) 1000 Companies to Inspire Britainreport. This is the second time that we have made the list and it’s only thanks to the hard work and dedication of our teams that this has been possible – so thank you to everyone involved!


For more information about the ADG visit



Shalin Mehra is the Chief Executive Officer of Rodericks Dental, a member of the ADG




Note: The views presented in this article and those of the author and not necessarily the ADG as a whole


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