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In orthodontics it’s undeniable that improved smile aesthetics is one of the primary goals. However, when faced with malocclusions, it’s entirely possibly that patients may have functional problems as well and could be experiencing further complications such as issues with chewing.

Class II malocclusions are one of the most common problems presented among orthodontic patients, and they need to be treated predictably so that it is possible for patients and professionals alike to know what impact this will have on aesthetics and function. Additionally, it is important to consider how treatment may affect patients’ face shape and profile.

 Of course, much like any orthodontic treatment, treating these issues effectively comes down to using the correct appliance and encouraging  high patient compliance.


Make sure they follow your advice

Patient compliance is a core part of ensuring treatment achieves the desired results. Indeed, should patients fail to follow the guidelines that are given it is entirely possible for procedures to not be as effective, and this can result in compromised results and expectations not being met.

Therefore, when treating issues such as Class II malocclusions, it’s necessary to try to find a treatment that is effective, predictable, and easy for patients to understand and comply with.


An expert opinion

It is exactly this topic which forms the focus of the seminar that will be hosted by Dr Lisa Alvetro at Excellere 2019, by 3M Oral Care. Entitled “Predictable Class II Correction’, in her session Dr Alvetro will explain how using a bio-mechanical appliance such as the Forsus™ Class II Correction System from 3M Oral Care can help professionals to solve Class II malocclusions efficiently and with ease.


Dr Alvetro says:

“The Forsus Class II Correction System from 3M Oral Care allows professionals to combine effective alignment with the ability to simply correct Class II malocclusions. This treatment is highly predictable and helps professionals to effectively plot the desired position of teeth during planning so that treatment can follow the expected route.

“It’s also a very easy way to solve malocclusion issues so patients won’t have problems complying with the necessary steps to achieve their desired final aesthetics.”

When speaking further about products from 3M Oral Care, Dr Alvetro comments:

“I really rely on the knowledge of 3M Oral Care. As a company it is constantly striving forward in the field of orthodontics and looking to help improve treatments for professionals and patients alike.”


An orthodontic event unlike any other

Dr Alvetro’s session is just one of the exciting educational opportunities available for orthodontic specialists looking to attend Excellere 2019. Other sessions will explore topics such as understanding patients and staff members from different generations, how to combine lingual and labial appliances to achieve the best aesthetics and how to build private orthodontic opportunities in a fast changing market.

Other keynote speakers include Dr Adam Schulhof, Dr Patrice Pellerin, Dr Federico Hernandez Alfaro, Dr Paolo Manzo, Dr Paulo Monteiro, Dr John Scholey, Dr Simon Littlewood, Dr Peter Ilori and Dr Richard Jones. There is also a specific set of sessions focusing on lingual parallel appliances headed by Dr Roberto Stradi, Dr Ektor Grammatopoulos, Dr Philipp Al Khatib and Dr Aurélie Guidoux.


Dr Alvetro adds:

“I can’t wait to attend and present my topic at Excellere 2019 as the diverse speaker line up is really exciting. The show is covering a great range of topics and I’m really looking forward to furthering my own knowledge by attending the other sessions, as well as helping professionals who visit my seminar to remain up to date with the latest treatments.”

Excellere 2019 is taking place in the superlative 8 Northumberland Avenue venue in central London on the 17thand 18thof May. A wonderful location in the heart of the city, the venue is just a stone’s throw away from a selection of the city’s best landmarks and sights, meaning professionals can explore the city at will once the sessions are over.


Likeminded individuals

As well as educational opportunities, Excellere is also set to be a perfect platform for mingling with likeminded individuals from all over the world. On Friday the 17thMay, there will be a fabulous Evening Reception at Swingers – London’s famous indoor crazy golf arena – where professionals can enjoy cocktails, street food and a glimpse into London’s exciting nightlife.

A wonderful chance to learn about the latest techniques, research and trends in the orthodontic landscape, Excellere 2019 will be a fantastic event for orthodontic specialists, therapists and postgraduates, helping everyone who attends to learn something new, really excel and expand in their career.


You can book your place at Excellere 2019 HERE


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